04-20  ——  What is the food thermometer used to do?

      Food Thermometer This is the most common and most common thermometer in a restaurant. It is waterproof, moisture, compact, easy to clean, fast response and other functions. This thermometer can measure the temperature of the food in about 8 seconds. The design is not suitable for use in food that is being cooked and is more suitable for measuring the internal temperature of foods that are close to cooking.

      The depth of the probe of the food thermometer must be inserted into the length of its sensing area (usually 2 to 3 inches) to ensure accurate reading. If the temperature of the slice of food is measured, such as crushed beef patties or boneless chicken breasts, the probe must be inserted from the side of the food to ensure that the entire sensing area is placed in the center of the food.

      Thermocouple and thermally adjustable thermometer. This type of thermometer measures the temperature through a metal probe or a sensing area and displays the results on a digital reader. In all food thermometers, this is the fastest measurement and reading, which takes only 2 to 5 seconds.

      Because of this rapid measurement and reading characteristics, thermocouple thermometers can be used to measure the temperature of many different locations of the food to ensure that the cooking is correct. This thermometer is particularly suitable for processing large pieces of food, such as barbecue, turkey, because the need to measure more than one location of the temperature. Small probes also allow thermometers to measure thin, small food, such as crushed beef patties, pork chops, and chicken breasts.