03-13  ——  Baking enthusiasts indispensable to a variety of special baking thermometer recommended

Baking with the thermometer can be divided into: mechanical, probe type, infrared type.

Baking temperature needs of the occasion are: oven baking, liquid (sugar) temperature, solid (dough) temperature. In our baking time to buy a what type of thermometer is better?In general, there are three types of thermometers used by professional desserts.

Oven thermometer

This is linked to the oven used to confirm the temperature of the thermometer, whether it is a professional oven or oven temperature instability may have no matter what brand of model, To confirm the temperature.

Syrup thermometer

Strictly speaking, this is not called liquid thermometer, and called the sugar and frying thermometer (English literal translation), used in boiling sugar and fried. Many formulations have strict requirements on the temperature of sugar water, such as the Italian-style protein frost to sugar to 118-120 ℃ soft ball-like, skilled workers can scoop out a little sugar test, novice or with a thermometer to judge better. This thermometer is characterized by a long, behind the hook, you can hang on the pot along. Not bad money can also choose electronic, looks like an extended version of the probe thermometer. But the time to pay attention to this part of the thermometer can not touch the bottom of the pot.

Probe thermometer

General chef chef sleeves generally have a pocket, the pocket will generally have a thermometer, ready to measure the temperature. Some pay attention to the chef to put two thermometers to prevent one of the inaccurate readings. Pasty chef thermometer used to do most of the place is to do chocolate, no thermometer can not thermostat, sometimes used to bake bread, used to measure the temperature. The subject said the mechanical I understand this is the figure below, but most of the chef will not choose this thermometer, because the reading is too slow to judge, but the kitchen is the most valuable time. If you choose this home can be.